• Awakening’s Fishing Fortnight started on Sunday 6th March – the aim of this event was to complete the [achievement]That’s a Lot of Bait[/achievement] achievement to get [item]Recipe:Seafood Magnifique Feast[/item]

    Our total fish from pools as midnight Sat/Sun struck was 4165/10000 – we had quite a way to go.

    This is how it went:

    Day 1 (Sunday)
    Fantastic fishing from guildies – we fished over 2000 fish in one day bringing the total to 6382.

    Day 2 (Monday)
    Nice progress but slower, being a work/school day plus a raid in the evening; still we managed to raise the total to 7233.

    Day 3 (Tuesday)
    Another good fishing day taking our total to 8061.

    Day 4 (Wednesday)
    Almost another 500 fish added to the total making 8556.

    Day 5 (Thursday)
    A few fishing stalwarts saw the end in sight and fished the total to 9000 during the day.

    The event finished with a Fishing Finale in Borean Tundra.

    The number of fish from pools raced up to the magic 10000/10000 in under 5 days.

    Congratulations Awakening!!
    :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

    PS – If you smell something a little fishy as you check through your bank bags, it’s probably Awakening’s guild vault, now bursting at the seams with feast mats. The DKP awarded for donations of fish is the probable cause… bribery works wonders! 😉

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