Palasi Paladin - Application declined

  • Have you read and understood the Guild Rules? Yes

    How old are you? 16

    What is your character name, class, and level? Palasi - Paladin tank - 85

    Post your armory-link here - … asi/simple

    What are your current builds and why did you choose them? i chosen a talent build where i dodge alot. i choosed them cause as a tank its good to dodge attacks.

    Tell us what you know about the class and specc you play. Try to impress us with your
    knowledge! At least include: I know everything as a paladin. i know how to heal - tank - dps. i know the reforge - stats - talents build. well what more to say. i read up on my class very often to become one of the best paladin on server.

    1. Spell rotation or spell priority for your main specc. Healers give a short description of spells used in different situations. (Boss) i will start with " Avenger’s shield" to get good aggro on the boss. then i use " Hammer of the Righteous " followed up with " Shield of the Righteous" then i will use " Concentration and holy wrath " after i used “shield of the righteous” like 3 times. i begin on my selfhealing to make it easier for the healers. i useally use " Shield of the rightous" to start with to get some real good aggro on the boss.
    (Mobs): i pull with " Avenger’s shield ". and pretty much use my aeo spells to keep the aggro on them 😄

    2. The most important stats for your class. Stamina - dodge - parry. and mastery is good 2 have also.

    When would you be available to raid with us? (Our raid schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 20:00-00.00 server time.) Monday - thursday. sometimes wednesday 🙂

    Do you experience slowdowns, lag or disconnects in 25-man raids? My experince in 25 man is fine. i dont useally get disconnects. i might have a little bit og lagg thought. but not so i would slack on the boss. ( its very little lagg we are talking about )

    Tell us about your previous raiding experience
    As level 60: As level 60 i wasnt playing here. but ofcourse i’ve been in some of the raids when i got a higher level. molton core - Ahn’riqau ( or how ya spell it ) 😄
    As level 70: Level 70. was mostly kara. i was playing on another server back then, where my druid was my main
    As level 80: i killed everything in lvl 80 execpt lich king and sindragosa ( on heroic difficult )

    What is your opinion on doing hard modes? If the guild is ready for it, i say. bring it on 🙂

    Do you have any previous MMORPG experience?

    What are your previous guild(s) and why did you leave it? Insane ( cause i got accepted into The Untainted )… when i was in the Untainted my wow time did go out. and didnt have anymore money at that point. so couldnt play for a month or so. the others are just some low lvl guild etc 🙂 this is probally the best guilds i’ve been in

    What do you expect to find in our guild? i expect to find some nice player, have alot of fun. and down alot of bosses 🙂

    Is there anything else you would add? No 🙂

  • thx for your interest in awakening we will get back to you asap as soon as officers discuss.

  • Hi again Palasi, sorry for the delayed response.
    Thanks for your application, I’m sorry to decline it. We unfortunately don’t have any openings for a paladin tank at this moment. I wish you good luck in your search for a guild.

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