Germinator Resto Druid - Assumed withdrawn

  • Have you read and understood the Guild Rules? Yes
    How old are you? 23
    What is your character name, class, and level? Germinator, Druid and 85.
    Post your armory-link here. … tor/simple
    What are your current builds and why did you choose them? Restoration ( I love healing) and Balance, OS in case dps is needed in raids.
    Tell us what you know about the class and specc you play. Try to impress us with your knowledge! At least include:
    1. Spell rotation or spell priority for your main specc. Healers give a short description of spells used in different situations.
    2. The most important stats for your class.
    Druid is the best AOE healer in the game, HoTs are its primary spell type and is perfect for maintaining healing on the go raid-wide.
    1. Spell rotation --> Lifebloom x3 keep refreshed on tank with nourish. Use wild growth on raid members followed by Rejuv. if >50% hp is lost on a person.
    Tranquility is perfect for times of extreme damage ( every 3 minutes as well). Anytime a tank or healer goes down I combine nature swiftness + rebirth for instant resurrection in tight situations.
    2. Most important stats are intellect (increased mana pool, spell power etc.)> spirit (mana regen around 2000+ for raids), Haste also for extra tick on HoTs like WG.
    When would you be available to raid with us? (Our raid schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 20.00-00.00 server time.) Any of those days are fine for me, im on every night.
    Do you experience slowdowns, lag or disconnects in 25-man raids? The odd d/c occurs now and then.
    Tell us about your previous raiding experience. I have only done ICC 10/25 and Baradin hold. Also did some Ulduar and Naxx.
    Is there anything else you would like to add? I’m a mature player and take my role seriously but am also laid back and friendly 🙂

  • Hello Germinator,
    thanks for your application. We’ll have an answer for you in a day or two.

  • Forgot to include an answer to this:

    What are your previous guild(s) and why did you leave it?

    I have always been guildless but now that I am raiding I would like to join a guild.

  • I see you have joined another guild so I assume you withdraw your application.

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