Raymos Social - Accepted for trial

  • Hi there, my name is Raymond.

    Age: 34

    Raymos, pala, 4

    DPS gonna be tank when getting 85 but for now dps as its fastest to level.

    To be ornest i have no experience with pvp or roleplaying, i mostly done PVE, raids ETC. On alliance side i have my own guild and its called SonS Of Submission. I have severel lvl 85´s and i find it quite amusing to level.
    The things i hope to find in this guild, hmm tough one, well wisdom in seing how guilds are managed when i am being on trial etc. Sometimes i also just need a sanctuary from the alliance side, always same stuff going on there, maybe horde side are different. On the alliance side im quite an leveling expert, and someday i hope ill be the same on horde side.
    In the future if i like playing horde, wich cant be that different from alliance, im hoping to find new friends worldwide.

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Recruitment is open for DPS classes:
:demon_hunter: Demon Hunter
:death_knight: Death Knight
:druid: Druid
:mage: Mage
:monk: Monk
:paladin: Paladin
:warlock: Warlock

Recruitment is open for social members! 🌈


We are on raid break until Eternal Palace!

Heroic Raids
Wednesdays 20:00 - 00:00 ST
Thursdays 20:00 - 00:00 ST

Mythic + (optional)
Sundays 20:00 ST


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