Tóxic Frost DK/Blood Tank - Accepted for trial

  • Hello,

    Im from UK, I am 18 and studied computing at college and am currently waiting for a new college year to begin so that i may further my knowledge.
    My character name is Tóxic, He is a Frost DK pulling normally about 27k dps, With a Blood tanking off spec also fully geared.

    This is my armory link http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/wildhammer/T%C3%B3xic/advanced but im a strong pvp’er so it will probably show my pvp gear at present just /w me in game to see my various other sets of gear. (I checked the link and it shows a pvp ring. Im not sure why that is but I cannot log on as of now to change it because it is day of reset. Meh.

    My current builds are Frost and Blood, Now I was originally Duel Wield Frost DK. In 4.2 all websites ect. will tell you that Frost DW is best, but what they dont mention is that is strictly in best in slot gear. Until then the best specs are 2h Frost and Unholy. Now im not an Unholy fan, I never have been so I went 2h Frost but I still pull more dps than unholy so meh 😛 My other spec is Blood I will swap this to my pvp spec now and again but ill swap it back when needed, It is a survival spec purely for raiding… and strong enough to solo the boss for a couple of minutes, while healers are cc’ed ect. I do not enjoy tanking so if i am accepted i will be purely up for a back up tank role not a main tank. Dps is my first love.

    Now any good deathknight should know that a frost DK’s rotation is made up of BASICALY 3 buttons. But very well I will give you some insight.
    To open It begins with:
    Outbreak (Instantly applies desieases to target)
    Pop Pillar
    Summon Ghoul (depending on fight)
    Pop Orc Racial
    Obliterate(Until I cant)
    Frost Strike(Until I cant)
    Empower rune weapon(Unlocks all runes)
    Obliterate(Until I cant)
    Frost Strike(Until I cant)
    And repeat.

    The Stats for my spec are as follows. Strength -> Hit to cap -> Expertise to cap -> Haste - > Mastery - > Crit.

    I can raid on Mondays and Thursdays easily, Wednesday may be an issue due to the fact that I finish work at 20:00 server time on a Wednesday and I physically cannot be back till about 20:15.

    Im known for never Having lag.

    As level 60: I raided with a guild called <smackdown>on Kilrogg as a hunter/pally we cleared all but not as quick as most guilds we lagged behind slowly killing.

    As level 70: I barely played at the start of TBC but then bashed through it about 5 months late on my hunter.

    As level 80: At 80 I was one of the few that rolled DK and began leveling immediately and raiding when I was geared. It was during ICC era that I formed my own guild <dominance>Just with friends to clear every week.

    As level 85: At 85 I focused properly on raiding and transferred to Wildhammer with my DK And joined <no skill="" just="" luck="">We were top 5 for most of this expansion… And I think they still are. I have downed all Previous raid bosses and 3 in Firelands and hope to progress further with you guys.

    Im always up for a challenge, hard modes are more rewarding and a bigger sense of achievement when you succeed.

    I am one of the handful that have played wow since it was released. I know all there is to know and enjoy farming achievements so yeah I have experience 😛

    My previous guild is <no skill="" just="" luck="">They started out admittedly as quite a good guild but then as we progressed I saw that alot of their members have very childish attitudes and the “Leadership” wasn’t to my standards. But I will explain more another day.

    I expect for the leaders of the guild to follow the rules they create, I expect to be treated fairly among all other members, I expect for us to raid when required and not have to miss raids because people didn’t bother. And most of all I expect a mature attitude toward me and in turn and mature attitude from myself. Im down to have fun and joke around. But when things go too far I need to know that you know when to stop.

    Not really :P</no></no></dominance></smackdown>

  • Hi Tóxic

    Thank you for your application. We shall discuss your application and have an answer for you in a day or two. 🙂

  • Yeah no worries 😉

  • I also failed to mention I have a Prot/Holy pally geared and a Rogue semi geared both ready to raid too 😛 And a friend within the guild “Bleedinghorn” 🙂

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