Zijjel - Application withdrawn

  • Hello all.

    After 2 times leaving and come back again i have something to say.

    First sorry to bleed druit for the other time i speak to him a bit like mad, little cause my english is bad . little that i was sad for my health promblem i speak 2 u not nice.
    …but OMG you talking so much!...i see all green in my chat!..you never stop! :shock: 🙂

    Then i join NSJL.

    If you some read my apply in < No skill just luck >you see that i speak very well for all you guys and special for Irya.
    if you dont...read it plz.

    Good guild, good ppls but cant raid atm cause i am in bed for days now and i play with small laptp 11'' inch screen.
    I say to them that want to leave and join lower guild.
    So i say bb.

    The point is that i feel that for sure i t was my 60% my bad i leave awakening.

    i want to join back!....as social

    only if all members want ...so ask them first...maybe some are sad with me or something.


  • @Zijjel:

    …but OMG you talking so much!...i see all green in my chat!..you never stop! :shock: 🙂

    It's the truth!

    Thanks for reapplying Zi, we'll get back to you in a couple of days.

  • withdrawn my apply. some know why.

    i am gonna change realm in future.

    wish good luck to all

  • @Zijjel:

    withdrawn my apply. some know why.

    I don't understand why you apply when you don't want to wait for the decision of guild leaders. As in the past, I don't know anything about why you are leaving. But I wish you the best of luck with your server change and hope you finally find what you are looking for.

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