Erokar Marksmanship Hunter - Accepted for trial

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    How old are you?

    What is your character name, class, and level?
    Erokar – 85 Orc Hunter

    Post your armory-link here. … r/advanced

    What are your current builds and why did you choose them?
    I currently use Marksmanship as my main PvE spec because it currently provides the most competitive raid DPS.
    As shown by Simulations for Tier 12 Gear:

    I’m also using Beast Mastery as my PvP offspec at the moment, but I won’t hesitate to respec it for PvE if needed.

    Tell us what you know about the class and specc you play. Try to impress us with your knowledge!
    For a Marksmanship Hunter, boss encounters have four different DPS phases –

    Careful Aim Phase – 100%-90%
    The Careful Aim talent increases critical chance of Aimed Shot and Steady Shot by 60%, because of this, Aimed Shot is used as the focus dump in this phase. I start the fight by Misdirecting the tank and pre-casting Aimed Shot as the tank pulls, I follow this up with a Chimera Shot. I then Steady Shot twice to proc my Improved Steady Shot (15% haste increase), I then apply serpent sting to the boss and Steady Shot x4 to get my focus back up to 100, I use Chimera Shot whenever off cooldown and Aimed Shot whenever I have enough focus. I pop cooldowns like Rapid Fire in this phase so I can cast more Aimed Shots while they have an increased Critical Strike chance.

    Standard Nuke Phase – 90%-25%
    In this phase the rotation I follow is Chimera Shot –> Arcane Shot x2 --> Instant Aimed Shot ( if procced from Master Marksman talent) --> Steady Shot x5 --> Repeat

    The reason I use arcane shot over aimed shot in this phase is because Aimed Shot only provides a +50 dps increase over Arcane Shot, but if any casts are interrupted or I have to move mid-cast, I lose the entire cast time of Aimed Shot and this is a huge dps loss because Auto-Shot is not activated while casting Aimed Shot.
    The exception to this rotation is when I have a haste increase such as Rapid Fire, Bloodlust or the Haste Proc from my trinket, in which case I use Aimed Shot because the cast time is dramatically reduced so that Aimed Shot provides a significant DPS increase over Arcane Shot because Arcane Shot is not effected by haste increases as it is an instant cast.

    Termination Phase – 25%-20%
    This phase is slightly different to the Standard Nuke Phase because of the Termination Talent causing me to gain an extra 3 focus from each steady shot, this means that my standard rotation is adapted from Chimera Shot –> Arcane Shot x2 --> Steady Shot x5 to:
    Chimera Shot --> Arcane Shot x3 --> Steady Shot x4 because I have more focus to dump.

    Execution Phase – 20%-0%
    This rotation is similar to the Termination Phase, and I follow the same order, except I have an extra Kill Shot to work into my rotation, this shot is free so it allows me to generate more focus in the global cooldown in which I use it.
    The rotation goes as follows: Chimera Shot –> Kill Shot whenever off Cooldown --> Arcane Shot x3 --> Steady Shot x4, using Arcane Shot as a focus dump whenever I have extra focus due to the Termination Talent.

    The most important stats for a hunter are as follows:
    1. Ranged Weapon DPS.
    2. Agility.
    3. Hit Rating until 8% cap (I always stay as close to the 8% cap as possible, I never go under 8% hit if possible.
    4. Haste Rating (To get me to correct Haste Plateus, explained further down)
    5. Attack Power
    6. Critical Strike Chance.
    7. Mastery Rating

    The current Haste Plateu I am trying to get closest to is 12.93% haste, this determines how many Steady Shots I can fit into my rotation, I am currently slightly over 12.93% haste to account for server latency.

    When would you be available to raid with us? (Our raid schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 20.00-00.00 server time.)
    I can raid all of these days.

    Do you experience slowdowns, lag or disconnects in 25-man raids?
    Sometimes I experience dips in my FPS during 25 player raids, however this does not really effect my performance as my frames never really drop below 15FPS.

    Tell us about your previous raiding experience
    As level 60: Nothing
    As level 70: Karazhan, Magtheridon, Gruul. (On my Druid)
    As level 80:Naxx, OS, Malygos, Ulduar (Including Algalon when it was current), ToC 5/5 HC (With Tribute to Insanity achievement,) ICC12/12 normal and 7/12 Heroic. (Druid and Warrior)
    As level 85: BoT 4/4, BWD 6/6, TotFW – 2/2, Firelands HC 3/7. (Warrior)
    My current Firelands Progression on my hunter is 6/7 Normal.

    What is your opinion on doing hard modes?
    I have no objection to doing hard modes and I do enjoy the challenge.

    Do you have any previous MMORPG experience?
    No, but I have been playing WoW since release.

    What are your previous guild(s) and why did you leave it?
    The last guild I have been in was No Skill Just Luck, I have no hard feelings towards them and they are a great bunch of guys, but I am looking to reroll on my hunter from my warrior and this was not possible with our roster, I also used to Raid Lead group 2 and I’d like to go back to just being a regular raider rather than a raid leader. Though I have gathered lots of useful experience from raid leading so I might always be able to help the guild with adapting tactics for killing bosses.

    What do you expect to find in our guild?
    A friendly group of players who want to have fun and raid, but also take it with at least some level of seriousness and not repeat the same mistakes, as I’ve had these problems with some players recently.

    Is there anything else you would like to add?
    I’m rerolling onto my Hunter from my Warrior, my Hunter is currently on 6/7 Normal Firelands and my Warrior is on 3/7 HC firelands, I shall include my warrior and druids armoury as proof of previous raid experience:
    Druid - … z/advanced
    Warrior - … d/advanced

    I’d really like to start DPSing in raids, and I want to stress that I always try to improve my performance and play to the highest standard possible, and also try to minimise any mistakes I make in raids and endeavour to not repeat the same mistakes again.

    I have a friend in the guild (Bleedinghorn) who encouraged me to apply, and I’m really looking forward to playing with you guys. Thanks for taking the time for reading my application and I eagerly await your response.

    Thanks. 😃

  • Thanks for your application Erokar, we’ll get back to you in a day or two. 🙂

  • We’d like to invite you for trial,
    please whisper Praer, Marisacruz, Serafina, Xantyr or me in-game.

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