Deadmager Fire Mage - Accepted for trial

  • I have read and understood the Guild rules
    I am 19 years old.
    My character name is Deadmager, I am a mage and my lvl is 85. … ger/simple
    I use Fire as my talent build, because that has the best dps for this patch.
    The most important stat for my class is intellect. I play with the following reforge scheme : Hit (till cap) -> Crit -> Haste -> Mastery.
    My Standard rotation is using Living bomb al time, combustion when it is ready, scorch when the mob doesn’t have the critical mass spell on him and then fireball until I got hot streak to use pyroblast.
    I am able to raid at the times you have in mind. And I am every day online after school of course.
    I do not lag, slowdown or disconnect in 25-man raids.
    As level 60:Onyxia
    As level 70:Black temple
    As level 80:ICC and Naxxramas
    As level 85:Almost all of them.
    I like to doing hard modes, because I always want to get better with playing.
    I played Runescape and many games as a child, so I have experience.
    I left the guild ‘The last Angels’, because they are not raiding anymore and turned in a social guild.
    I expect to find nice people and have a fun time raiding.

    Thanx for reading this 🙂

  • Hey,
    thanks for your application Deadmager, we’ll have a reply for you tomorrow.

  • We’d like to invite you for trial. Please whisper Xantyr, Marisacruz, Praer, Serafina or me.

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