Denzildk PvP - Accepted for trial

  • Hi Awakening.
    I play a worgen healer on shattered halls and i need a great guild for raiding, and one of my frends recomendet you ;D

    Application Form

    I have read and understod the guild rules ;D

    im 16 years (soon 17)

    I have a worgen healer 85, a tauran pala 85 and a BElf lock

    I am having problems with my wowarmory, and blizz wont listen to it so i cant show it.

    my current build is 2/3/36

    I heal with constant 3LB and RJ on tank, i usualy spamheal Norish on tank when i got nothing else to heal, i use RG on clearcasting most and follow up with a SW when the RG is about to expire, CD’s are used as nessesery.
    I use grid to heal combined with click sets
    Haste cap(17%) > Int > spi(about 2-3k) > mastery = crit > extra haste

    I wil be available for raiding in the weekends, i am on a danish version og “highscool” and they shut down the internet at 23:00 except at Friday and saturday

    I havent expiriensed lag i LFR yet.

    I have no raiding xp before cata but i know all tactix for cata raids, i have done BH, BWD and LFR.

    I would love to do hard raids, that’s part of why i wanna join you ;D

    I have played Global Argenda…

    I have been in alot a random guild’s, right now im in a guild at the school, but they’r not good at all and i wanna get into real raiding.

    I expect to find players who wanna play as hardcore as i do, and have a great time doing it.

  • Hello Denzildk,
    thanks for your interest in Awakening. I’m sorry to decline your application. You would not be able to join any of our scheduled raids since we raid until midnight and don’t raid on weekends.

    I wish you the best of luck in your search for a guild. 🙂

  • i’ll try next summer then ;D

  • I have a pvp blood DK and im in need for a good guild to PVP with. I know one guy who are in the guild and he said that you are starting up some PVP teams, i would like to join them ;D
    E-Mail me for more info, questions etc.

  • Hi again,
    I have sent you a private message.

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