Cracky Fire Mage - Application declined

  • **Heey guys,
    i’m Robbie from the netherlands and im 19 years old, i also understood the Guild rules,
    my character name is Cracky, Fire mage, lvl 85.
    Here is a link to my armory : … cky/simple
    i’m a fire mage, and always will be. i dont care about what the best dps specc for each patch, im just so used to play as a fire mage,
    that if i go arcane my dps lowers even when its the better spec for the patch. and this is my only charr i dont got other toons, cause i like mages the most. (played all classes)
    for aoe damage, i go with blast wave, then flamestrike, then scorch, living bomb then fire blast to spread the dotts. (most firemages dont even know this tact. for bosses its simple, living bomb, flame orb, scorch then fireball the hell out of it till pyro when i got all dots on the boss, and combustion is ready, il use it as soon asss possible to keep the dps as high as possible. i use combustion helper to help me on the dotts and seconds it remains.oh yeah, and lets not forget mirror image when neccesarry and always buff raid with arcane int.
    and I am able to raid at the times you have in mind. when i get home from work, i just find it relaxing to play wow in the evening.
    my Pc has intel core i7 and 8gb ram, i play on the highest detail and 25 man doesnt even gife me a slight slowdown.
    my raiding experience is kinda good if you ask me, i started playing when lichking came out, so never raided till i was lvl 80, and done alot of icc’s that days i was on hunter and dk for a long time for i tryed out my mage finished icc heroic couple of times with a group of irl friends, when cata came out i decided to quit because the underwater world was baddd in my opinion, started playing again since a month, and finished lfr DS’s and normal 2/8 because the puggs are bad and i’m searching for a guild that offers me the experience of killing deathwing heroic/normal. and i DO know all tactics.
    i Also was a runescape fanatic, still got a cb 137 and a rune pure, don;t know if that says something to someone but that was good. haha, i had previous experienced with just a irl guild, called STONED RAIDERS, on alliance but every 1 quitted so transferd to horde and willing to join a guild.
    What do you expect to find in our guild? lots of rainding experience, kill Deathwing in any mode, and just the feeling of the guild haha.

    Ohh yeah, um,h. IM DUTCH


  • Heya Cracky,
    thanks for your application.

    You are missing some enchants, gem and belt buckle so I’m afraid we cannot consider you for trial before you are prepared to join for raids. We’ll be happy to discuss your application when you are ready. 🙂

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