Onyxia 13 and Attumen in Karazhan down!!

  • Here comes the BC raids and aftermaths!

    We made our warm-up raid and went to kill onyxia… with 13 raiders.
    For most it was the first time they saw the dragon-lady, but we killed her on the first try with only one death (the shaman slipped :D).

    On 14th our first raid went to karazhan and killed attumen the huntsman on the first try.
    Then we gave a shot at moroes and decided to let him live until the next day.
    He is going down soon too, followed by the Maiden… once we have found the way to her 😄

    Who said I had the orientation of zaraki kenpachi???

    Please post videos and screenshots of these 😄

    Abrasax Kenpachi-sama

  • Evul pure evul…
    for ppl who don’t know him :twisted:

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