Fesho Windwalker Monk - Accepted for trial

  • G’morning! I noticed your thread on the server forums and felt like you were the perfect fit for me, decided I want to join your guild. 🙂 Here’s my application, I hope you can overlook my age.

    Personal Information
    I am 17 years old (about to turn 18) and living in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m studying to become software or game developer because I think that programming is a genuinely fun thing to do. The upcoming school year, along with some other circumstances, has made me want to step down from raiding 4 days/week to 2 days/week. When I found The Awakening I immediately thought your guild was the right fit for me in terms of progression, raid times and mentality. Read through your guild rules and was wondering if it is strictly forbidden to talk in voice coms during raids? Asking mostly out of curiousity. 😄

    Character Information
    My main, Fesho (armory), is a 701 Windwalker Monk with a 692 Brewmaster OS. I realize you’re preferably looking for players with a healing OS and while I like healing I’ve never done it on a monk before. I enjoy healing on my druid, however, which I’m currently gearing up. Maybe that could be an alternative in the event that it’s needed.

    Right now you can play the Windwalker as either a single target or cleave spec depending on talents. From what I’ve seen in Hellfire Citadel there aren’t that many cleave fights (Hellfire Assault arguably) and the single target route of Serenity, Invoke Xuen and Chi Brew feels like the most natural choice. I could possible increase my dps by a miniscule amount if I swap from Chi Wave to Zen Sphere or Chi Burst but the numbers are very insignificant. (Read: I’m lazy)

    In terms of rotation Windwalkers are pretty straightforward. Always make sure you have the 10 stack Tigereye Brew buff for every Serenity and Fist of Fury. Keep the Tiger Power buff up and Rising Sun Kick off cooldown. Jab and Blackout Kick are more or less our fillers. Of course there is more to it that sort of comes with the experience of playing, such as energy consumption and ability timing. I’ll gladly talk more about my beloved monk if you want me to. 😛

    In-Game Experience
    I started playing World of Warcraft when I was around 9 years old, the first raid I entered was Karazhan during TBC. In all honesty I don’t remember much from back then but I can definitely say I wasn’t the best of players and I’ve evolved a lot since. I was progressing during Karazhan, Gruul, Naxxramas, Ulduar, BwD, BoT, Firelands, SoO and now here in HFC. Any raids not mentioned are because I took breaks from WoW during early stages of the content or returned late to the content (as with HM & BRF). The breaks were related to raiding guilds falling apart which sucked the fun out of playing for a while. The Awakening seem like a stable bunch which is one of the reasons I’d like to join. 🙂

    I love raiding for the sake of raiding, frankly. The moment they introduced flexible raiding in MoP I was playing it over and over and over even though I greatly outgeared the content and had no real reason to be there apart from fun. I don’t particularly care what content we’re raiding so long as we are raiding.

    I am currently 9/13 HC in HFC. I played with the guild Almost Famous for the first two weeks into the 6.2 patch, unfortunately I encountered some technical issues with my computer and wasn’t able to fix it until just yesterday. During this time I wasn’t able to raid and I got kicked from the guild due to inactivity.

    Technical Information
    During the summer at one point my harddrive overheated and it has been acting up ever since. This has meant frequent freeze lag and blue screening. I tried raiding like that but it was a really frustrating experiences when I was forced to perform at half capacity and in some cases it resulted in wipes for my team. The joy when you pop all CDs and your computer freezes! 😉 I replaced the harddrive yesterday and haven’t encountered an error since.

    I never have any issues with the connection, it’s nothing fancy but 10MB/s does it’s job. I use keybinds and the default UI.

    Addons I like: TellMeWhen, Skada, DBM (with VEM voicepack)

    Let me know if you need any additional information. This really is a wall of text, apologies for that. I’ll come back to this thread but you can also reach me in-game on either Fesho or Alivanora on Draenor EU.

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Hi Alivanora,

    thank you for your nice application. We are getting kind of full on melee, that’s why there was a delayed reply. We would like to accept you for trial. Please whisper Irya or Xantyr for an invite.

    See you in /g,

  • I forgot to reply to your only question: No, we can’t forbid people to use voice chat, but the primary channel of communication in raids is /ra.

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