Sixwaystodie Warrior - Application declined

  • 1. Have you read and understood the Guild Rules?

    • Yes I have. I’m good with them.
      2. How does our raid schedule fit you? (Wednesday and Thursday from 20:00 until midnight ST.)
    • I’m totaly fine with that. I could raid anyday of the week at anytime.
      3. How old are you?
    • I’m 17 years old.
      4. What is your character name, class, and level?
    • My character’s name is Sixwaystodie, Warrior, 100, and Item lvl 700.
      5. Post your armory-link here.
      6. What are your current talents and why did you choose them?
      -I always change my talents before the Boss because it depends on the fight. If the boss has an AoE fight I use [Dragon Roar] [Bladestorm] [Ravager] or on the place of Dragon Roar I use Shockwave because its helpful in fights like with Xhul’Horac. If the boss is something like Zakuun I use [Storm Bolt] [Avatar] [Anger Management] . My main spec is Arms and these are only the Arms talents. The off-spec talents Fury are almost the same.
      7. Tell us what you know about the class and spec you play. Try to impress us with your knowledge! At least include:
      *Spell rotation OR spell priority for your main spec. Healers give a short description of spells used in different situations.
      *The most important stats for your class.
    • My Class is Arms,Fury Warrior My main Rotation on arms is simple because umm well 😄 I don’t have many spells. If there are multiple opponents I first Rend them and then I go on the main target useing Colossus Smash and then spam Mortal Strike because i have 2/2 and 4/5 set parts so it almost has no cooldown then I ravager and Bladestorm and the DPS goes around 75-85k. If I’m Fury It goes like this: Bloodthirst,Bloodthirst untill i get bloodsurge Then i pop my CD’s like [Bloodbath] [Recklessness] [Blood Fury] and spam Wild Strike to ress my Recklessness CD 4/5 Set Remember 😄 then I use Whirlwind and Raging Blow for Tons of Damage.
      My main stats on Arms are Strength–>Critical Strike --> Mastery --> Multistrike -->Haste --> Versatillity. On Fury they are : Strength --> Haste untill 11% -->Critical Strike -->Mastery --> Haste (until the 18% breakpoint) --> Multistrike --> Versatillity.
      *Do you experience slowdowns, lag or disconnects while raiding?
      -No, My internet is very stable and In Bulgaria which I’m from we have one of the best Internet connections in the World.
      Tell us about your previous raiding experience if you raided in
      Vanilla WoW: AQ:40 9/9 BWL: 8/8 MC : 10/10 Naxx 15/15 Had raided in an Progressive Private server we were one of the best guilds in the Server, It had everything scripted and was awesome, sadly I left.
      Burning Crusade: Have done all the raids but I’ll mention the main ones there,: BT 9/9; SP:6/6 I loved the Kil’Jaeden Fight! IT WAS AWESOME, Have done Hyjal also one of our enemies currently but in TBC :3
      WotLK: Have Done Ulduar , Naxx , ICC , TOC and such Loved the Yogg’Saron fight was like C’thun in Vanilla a little different tho, Going in his mind and killing stuff like in the belly of C’Thun.
      Cataclysm: Have Done Deathwing on Heroic in an fully Scripted server which was also Paid server 😄 Something like Retail but cheaper. Also BWD,TOTFW,BOT,FL.
      Mists: I started playing in Mists of Pandaria in Retail (Blizzard ) Had a guild we killed Garrosh on heroic I even have the Heirloom from him. Have done also the other Raids like Terrace , Heart of Fear , ToT.
      10. Do you have any previous MMORPG experience?
    • Have played Tons of MMORPG games Start from TERA to Aion The tower of Eternity. Guild Wars2 and such.
      11. What are your previous guild(s) and why did you leave them?
    • My Current and i Hope to be Previous guild is Chaos Project We’re still on Normal HFC 12/13 And i just want a better guild overall Killing more stuff having more fun!
      12. What do you expect in terms of progress in WoD? (We are a heroic raiding guild at this time.)
      -I’d expect this to be a guild who takes things srsly and doesn’t fail also knowing what to do.
      13. What else do you hope to find in our guild?
    • I hope to find progress and friendly people and having FUN!
      14. Is there anything else you would like to add?
    • I see you’re 10/13 at HC well lets make it 13/13HFC HC together and have some Fun.

  • Hello Sixwaystodie,

    thank you for your interest in joining the guild. While your application looks nice, I am sorry to inform you that we are not currently recruiting any melee specs.

    I wish you best of luck in your search for a guild,

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1-2 DPS: mage or warlock

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Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 ST
Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 ST


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