Cenrok Feral Druid - Application declined

  • 1. Have you read and understood the Guild Rules?

    Yes i have.

    2. How does our raid schedule fit you? (Wednesday and Thursday from 20:00 until midnight ST.)

    Works really fine with me.

    3. How old are you?

    I’m 21.

    4. What is your character name, class, and level?

    Cenrok, feral druid, 100.

    5. Post your armory-link here.


    6. What are your current talents and why did you choose them?

    Wild Charge, Ysera’s Gift, Typhoon, Incarnation: King of The Jungle, Mighty Bash, Dream of Cenarius, Bloodtalons. I choose them after looking on icy-veins and what top raiders like Method and Paragon is using, and it turned out to work fine for me.

    7. Tell us what you know about the class and spec you play. Try to impress us with your knowledge! At least include:
    *Spell rotation OR spell priority for your main spec. Healers give a short description of spells used in different situations. *The most important stats for your class.

    Well, i know that bleed damage is very important for a feral druid, and the burst is important to have lined up perfectly aswell.

    8. Do you experience slowdowns, lag or disconnects while raiding?

    I very rarely have any problems with my internet, it works fine 99% of the time.

    9. Tell us about your previous raiding experience if you raided in
    Vanilla WoW: N/A
    Burning Crusade: Karazhan, Gruul’s lair, Maghteridon’s lair, Black temple.
    WotLK: Every raid was cleared.
    Cataclysm: Every raid was cleared.
    Mists: Every reaid was cleared.

    10. Do you have any previous MMORPG experience?

    No, i have been playing WoW for 9+ years now only.

    11. What are your previous guild(s) and why did you leave them?

    I don’t remember any names, and i didn’t leave them, they just quit raiding.

    12. What do you expect in terms of progress in WoD? (We are a heroic raiding guild at this time.)

    Well, i would like to get 13/13 in HFC NM atleast. and heroic would be nice too.

    13. What else do you hope to find in our guild?

    Lots of fun and new experiences, meet some cool people.

    14. Is there anything else you would like to add?


  • Hello Cenrok,
    thanks for your application.

    I’m sorry to decline your application, we are completely full on melee in our raid group at this time.

    I wish you good luck in your search for a guild!


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Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 ST


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