Ailania Frost Mage - Accepted for trial

  • 1. Have you read and understood the Guild Rules?


    2. What is the name, class and preferred roles(s) of the character you are applying with?

    My main is Ailania- frost mage.

    I have 2 alts as well if I may bring them at some point

    • Ailoura- holy priest

    • Aileanna -ret/prot paladin.

    3. What are your favourite things to do in WoW?

    I like to do a lot of different things and I can always find something to do. I like running dungeons and raiding most of all. I enjoy doing Mythic+ and make sure to do a +10 each week for the weekly reward chest. I spend time doing my WQs and emissary chests and farming AP as needed. I also like doing professions and am self-sufficient when it comes to flasks, pots, enchants, food, etc. I like to do achievements as well especially the dungeon and raid achievements. I do enjoy pvp as well, but nothing serious as I am not great at pvp. But I do like random bgs and I would do arena if I could find a partner who doesn’t mind losing a lot:) I am open to trying pretty much any part of the game.

    4. How long have you been playing WoW?

    I started playing wow in April 2007 on a US server (Burning Crusade). I played and raided all through the end of Cataclysm and leveled my main in Mists of Pandaria. But this coincided with my move to Europe and so I took a break. I played a bit toward the end of Pandaria but due to the time zone differences, just did some LFR. I leveled up my mage when Warlords of Draenor came out and stopped after hitting max level. All of this was on the US server. Then I took a break until about a year ago, when I decided to re-sub on the EU servers and start my characters over (as you can’t transfer them from US to EU).

    5. What are your previous guilds and why did you leave them?

    When I started in WoW I was in social guild and eventually the leader wanted us to merge with a raiding guild- so I got to try raiding starting in Karazhan as a result. I also got to experience guild drama at that point and so ended up leaving for another guild in the wake of that mess 🙂
    I tried a couple of other guilds in BC but nothing really clicked and it was not the best server for raiding (low-pop RPPVP server) so in WOTLK my friends and I went to a new server and joined a raiding guild where we raided 3 days a week, 5 hours each night. I left that when I got a bit burned out and joined a social guild for a couple of months. Then my friends who I transferred with decided to make a new guild together- which we did on an an RP server to raid ICC.

    I only left my old guild in the US because of my move to Europe. It was actually a really ideal guild situation and I still keep in touch with my old guildies and we all miss that time together very much.

    I started over on the EU servers on Argent Dawn which is an RP server. After getting back into the game and trying out a non-raiding social guild, I decided to join Ashen Rose Conspiracy because my spouse had joined over there and I wanted to try raiding again. It’s a great guild and I still stay in touch with many of the members and we do an occasional mythic plus together. However, I started to become more curious about mythic raiding and so we left to join Mistfall, another guild on Argent Dawn. Mistfall was also great but there seemed to be some disagreement about how much mythic raiding people really wanted to do. So some people left. My spouse went off to another server to join some friends (they are all the same level of exceptional player and so more progressed than me) and I decided that I wanted to try out Draenor as there is a big horde PVE presence.

    I joined Touched by Fel Lords when I transferred here a couple of weeks ago and am still a member. However, even before I saw your post I had been saying to my spouse that I wish I could find a guild that does not use voice chat.

    6. What do you hope to find in our guild?

    I am very excited to see that you do not use voice chat. I find it very hard to focus on the game when listening to voices or other non-game sounds. In addition, I pug a lot and there is no voice chat there so I know that it can be done. I also can’t talk and play at the same time, well not very well anyway. There are some other reasons why I don’t like to use voice chat as much, so it would be great to be in a social environment that relies on typing and text. I assume then that there is also no pressure to “hang out” in something like Discord and talk to enjoy the social part of being in the guild. I am sometimes ok with it, but when it gets to be all the time, I find it really affects me in a not so good way.

    I also hope to find some nice people to play with who also like to do some of the things that I like to do. I also hope to find a mature environment as I am bit of an older player (over 40).

    7. Is there anything else you would like to add?

    Thanks for reading my application. I would like to add that I am a fairly active player who is always looking to improve and do my best. I also treat my WoW commitments as I do any other “real-life” appointment.

    I see that you do not do any mythic raiding so you may be wondering if I am ok with that, as I left my other guild to do mythic raiding. For me, the possibility of raiding without voice chat is so refreshing that I won’t mind “just” doing heroic raiding. Draenor is also a highly populated server, so if I do want to try mythic raiding in the future, it seems that I can probably go to a pug group or two on non raid nights and that would satisfy any curiosity that I have about the content.

    I think that my application sounds a bit serious and so I would also like to add that I am considered to be a fun, friendly person. I love cats and Star Wars.

    Raider-only questions!

    8. Are you available to join for raids on
    Wednesdays 20:00 - 00:00 server time: Yes
    Thursdays 20:00 - 00:00 server time: Yes

    9. How often do you think you’ll be able to show for our raids?

    I would plan to be at every raid and it would be rare that there would be a conflict one a Wednesday or Thursday for a work related event. I can tell you now though that I have a trip booked already where I will miss raids on the 21 and 22 June for a friend’s wedding, which is unfortunately around when people think Tomb will come out.

    10. What are the most important stats for your class and role? We just want to make sure that you know the basics.

    I am a frost mage and play the thermal void spec. The quick answer is that before you get 33% crit (shatter cap) then you want int, crit haste, versatility, and then after you get 33% crit you would want int, haste, versatility, crit. Mastery is always the worst stat.

    However that is just a guideline and so it is also important to sim yourself and get your own stat weights and work with that and check it regularly when you get upgrades to see how the weights have changed.

    11. Do you experience slowdowns, lag or disconnects while raiding?

    I do not generally experience this, but the times that I have, the problem can be solved by tethering to my phone and using the 4G. Currently my ISP is doing some upgrades to their infrastructure and so I am nearly always tethered when playing WoW and there are no issues.

  • Hello Ailania, thanks for your application!

    We do have a Discord server, but to my knowledge nobody has actually used the voice chat so far. We share memes, music and other silliness in the written chat and that’s about it. There’s no pressure to join it!

    We’d like to invite you for trial! Please whisper Xantyr or me for an invite. 😄

  • Hi Irya
    That is great news! I will get in touch in game tomorrow. I’d like to see if I can catch our Raid Leader here tonight, to let her know.

    I don’t mind at all joining Discord and sharing fun links and such. That sounds fun 🙂

    See you soon!


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