Rudehunting BM Hunter - Accepted for trial

    1. Have you read and understood the Guild Rules?
      I think so

    2. What is the name, class and preferred roles(s) of the character you are applying with?
      Rudehunting (BM) Rudecrusade (Prot) Rudedrood or something Tank/Boom

    3. What are your favourite things to do in WoW?
      m+ > raid > story / questing > pvp > w/e

    4. How long have you been playing WoW?
      on/off since vanilla (vanilla/bc active, mop-early/mid legion active, joined wow a few weeks back again…)

    5. What are your previous guilds and why did you leave them?
      KLR/TL/BLOOM just the ones i remember with CuttingEdge, left mostly cuz of guilds disbanding last time i played + pc breaking 1 time

    6. What do you hope to find in our guild?
      laid back but still ambitious community (reaching AOTC in a decent time + some ppl to play m+ with)

    7. Is there anything else you would like to add?
      Mostly a natelight player.
      Weird character sometimes but actually a decent guy. Don’t take my bad jokes toooo seriously. 😉
      Got a kid so thats my priority even over raiding, hope that doesn’t interfer to often thou. (Didnt raid since child was born).
      Oh yeah and dots made me write this application. 😉

    8. Are you available to join for raids on
      Wednesdays 20:00 - 00:00 server time: Yes/No -> very likely
      Thursdays 20:00 - 00:00 server time: Yes/No -> very likely

    9. How often do you think you’ll be able to show for our raids? 80%

    10. What are the most important stats for your class and role? We just want to make sure that you know the basics.
      food for pet, ammo for weapons … traits>crit for barbed shot build, besides i play a huntard so myeah not too hard i guess

    11. Do you experience slowdowns, lag or disconnects while raiding?
      everything pretty stable, moved lately thou… 95% sure i wont dc/bluescreen whilst attending

  • Hey Rude,
    thanks for your application.

    Our goal is to “clear heroic content while it’s current”. I don’t know if our progression will be fast enough for your taste, but you are welcome to join and check it out. My attitude is that if I have to choose between fast and friendly, I’ll always choose friendly. Speaking of that, I think bad jokes are fine, it’s just a matter of how well your audience knows you. 🙂

    TLDR: I’d like to invite you for trial. Give me a whisper when you are ready. 🙂

  • Since many of Rudehunting characters are starting with Rude (and especially Rudedrood), Lorks can’t contain himself:

  • @Lorks Supergreen

  • I love bad jokes though…

  • @Lorks Hope you got your multipass ready!
    @Doggie Okay Doggie, I heard you got skills.

  • Welcome to the family.

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1-2 DPS: mage or warlock

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Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 ST


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