Lighted Holy Paladin - Accepted for trial

  • Hey, I'm a 17 year old boy. I live in Sweden. My char is a Holy paladin. The name is Lighted. ... ted/simple
    Its kinda easy, Beacon on main/offtank, spam holy shock as much as you can. Wait for getting three stacks of holy power. Send out and Light of dawn if needed or just Word of glory, I can't say that I've a special rotation. Healed for so long with Palas so i feel comfortable with the way I heal... My most important stat is intellect.. Yes, i would be able to raid with you. Not every time but as much as i can. Winter holiday is coming up soon and I'll be online kinda much then. I can have random disconnections sometimes... Too bad. but not too often. Maybe 1-2 in 4-5 hours.
    I've were raiding much in WotLK... Got my most experience from there... 😄
    Im open for everything...
    I were in Nuke skull or Busy facerolling before. I leaved cause I didnt play for a long time..
    I expect to find nice mature people and skilled raiders. A nice social guild and non-failing raids... ❤


  • Heya Lighted,
    thanks for your application! We'll get back to you in a day or two, stay tuned. 🙂

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We have 2-3 spots available for DPS classes in 9.1:
:monk: Monk
:mage: Mage
:warlock: Warlock

Recruitment for social members is closed for now.
Check back later! 🌈


We are on a raid break until 9.1.

Heroic Raids
Wednesday 20:00 - 00:00 ST
Thursday 20:00 - 00:00 ST

M+ Dungeons (optional)
Sunday 20:00 ST


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