Sejiraz Raider - Accepted for trial

  • Hello dear Officers and Members of The Awakening!
    I have heard about your recruiting from my friend – he told me that you are not using Voice communications which is extremely good news for me!
    My name is Miro. I am from Finland so I live one hour ahead of Server time.
    Why is “No voice communication” extremely good news for me? Because I am DEAF in real life.

    Okay, to the subject:

    1. Have you read and understood the Guild Rules?

    • Yes, sir! I have understood and will be following those rules.

    2. How old are you?

    • I am 24 year old single guy. 😉

    3. What is your character name, class, and level?

    • My main name is Sejiraz, 100 Level Discipline Priest with 659 ilevel geared.

    4. Post your armory-link here.
    Here you go:

    5. What are your current talents and why did you choose them?
    Tier 1 – Angelic Bulwak because I find it great when it procs for fights where I often drop below 30% (like progression content).
    Tier 2 – Body and Soul, it offers me most control over with movement speed increase, it will make me or other raid member to get away at bad places.
    Tier 3 – Mindbender, for mana regeneration but there is also option for Power Word: Solace if I am comfortable with my mana regeneration.
    Tier 4 – Void Tendrils but I have no use with those Tier abilities really.
    Tier 5 – Well, there’s two which I use; Power Infusion and Twist of Fate. Twist of Fate is used with very heavy damage where I am often healing targets that are on low health. But Power Infusion is mostly best choice.
    Tier 6 – At this Tier my default choice is Cascade on everything. It’s very nice and easy choice for most situations. I don’t feel comfortable with Halo neither Divine Star. In a note, Divine Star is most worst choice and it’s weak!
    Tier 7 - Clarity of Will of course because I provide Absorbs to tanks also single target healing. When I have to do AoE healing, I will be using Words of Mending.

    6. Tell us what you know about the class and spec you play. Try to impress us with your knowledge!

    Well, what should I tell about my Class and Specialization… I’ve been playing Discipline Priest from Burning Crusade expansion so I have a lot experience of my Class and Specialization.

    For spell rotations or priority, I begin with Penance on cooldown on the tank or another target that is taking damage. Then I use Power Word: Shield for shields (provides absorbs, then also I have Power Word: Shield glyph – 20% of the absorb from it is converted into healing, which is very outpowered glyph at moment). Then I keep rolling Prayer of Mending in raid. Also if target is taking more intense damage, I will use Heal on them as needed. Flash Heal is used/saved for emergency situations since mana cost is very high.

    For AoE healing situations, Discipline Priest pretty much struggles with AoE healing but can do some small. Example as the raid damage intensifies, Prayer of Healing is mine AoE heal ability. I need to make optimal use of it, party members must be significantly damaged. Then Holy Nova is the other – what’s good with Holy Nova? You can cast it while moving!

    Oh, I have forgot to mention about Cascade! I’m sorry. Cascade will be used on cooldown, it does not matter as much but it can be used on AoE healing, too.

    And then now we can move to the Cooldown usages:
    Pain Suppression and Power Word: Barrier, those two are main cooldowns which are used in many situations when available. Pain Suppression is usually used on tanks before damage spike or alternatively it can be used on raid member who is targeted by very damaging ability. Power Word: Barrier will be used to mitigate intense AoE damage; it requires the raid to be stacked in one place.
    Mindbender, Tier 3 talent… I will use it whenever it is available because I can get mana regeneration from it.

    Let’s mention Tier 5 talent; Power Infusion. It will be used on a period of intense healing, or simply if I want to conserver my Mana. Then other Tier 5 talent, Twist of Fate – it is passive so nothing for me to do about except enjoy the increased healing.

    Okay, then to the important stats for my class.
    Discipline Priest important stats are Int > Mastery > Crit > Multistrike > Haste > Versatility.

    Should I explain my stats priority? Okay, I can do it! Hold on,

    Mastery? It increased potency of damage absorption effects, as well as increasing my healing done. As essentially, Mastery increases the amount of healing my spells does, as well as increasing the damage absorbed by my absorption effects.

    Critical Strike? It is vital for generating Divine Aegis and making the most of my Mastery.

    I’ll tell you about Divine Aegis; Critical heals and their multistrikes create a protective shield on target, absorbing 100% amount of the healed instead of healing for twice as much. So Divine Aegis is passive ability which provides a passive absorption mechanic.

    Therefore absorption is a key element of Discipline healing. Shielding people is means of preventive healing, which reduces spikes in damage taken and ensures that damage is more predictable.

    There are two absorption effects, Power Word: Shield and Divine Aegis.

    Then Haste? It just reduces the cast time of my spells also reduces my global cooldowns.

    7. When would you be available to raid with us?
    I am available to raid whenever I am needed to attend your raiding roster. As I’ve got understood that you are raiding Wednesday and Thursday from 20 to midnight? So I am available to raid on those times.

    8. Do you experience slowdowns, lag or disconnects while raiding?
    No, I don’t have any problem with my connection or disconnects while raiding. It’s VERY VERY RARE if I disconnect or lose connection for unkown time.

    9. Tell us about your previous raiding experience if you raided in
    Vanilla WoW: -
    Burning Crusade: Black Temple, Serpentshrine Caverns, Karazhan…
    WotLK: Icecrown Citadel – Not much but like 5 kills in Normal then once in Heroic.
    Cataclysm: I think that I was in break during Cataclysm. No experience.
    Mists: During MoP only LFRs 😄 But started raiding in Throne of Thunder Normal 11/12. Then went moving on to SoO with 14/14 LFR, 14/14 Normal, 14/14 Heroic, 8/14 Mythic.
    Then in Warlords of Draenor raiding experience, 7/7 LFR, 7/7 Normal, 6/7 Heroic.

    10. Do you have any previous MMORPG experience?
    I have played many MMORPG but WoW been my long time MMORPG gaming.

    11. What are your previous guild(s) and why did you leave them?
    My previous guild Ankylos and Gingerbread People. I have left from Ankylos because I couldn’t stand the fail progress when I was 6/7 HC while guild was only 6/7 Normal 1/7 HC. I didn’t bother trying to carry them. And then Gingerbread People kinda disbanded because their guildbank got ninja’d and GM/RL didn’t bother to try fix the guild problem - 15 members from raiding team left the guild so I had to leave. After leaving Gingerbread People guild I have been guildless, as in meaning like I am taking break but now I want to step back into raiding. Hopefully I can get a spot from you, The Awakening. 🙂

    12. What do you expect in terms of progress in WoD? Do you want to do mythic modes?
    Well, I expect the progress with The Awakening will be very nice and smooth. Yes, Mythic mode, I would be very interested as soon as you get Heroic progress thoroughly done.

    13. What else do you hope to find in our guild?
    I do expect having very friendly and enjoyable environment in the guild and in the raid.

    14. Is there anything else you would like to add?
    Yes, I want to add that I have plenty alts too,
    100 Level Arms Warrior (DPS) – I’d rather staying as DPS.
    100 Level Survival Hunter (DPS) – I stay on as Survival – my most enjoyable specialization.
    100 Level Holy Paladin (Healer) – I’d wish keep him on Healer but can be DPS too or Tank.
    100 Level Brewmaster Monk (Tank) – ATTENTION! I can start gearing to be healer or DPS.
    93 Level Demonology Warlock (DPS) – Just leveling as I got bored.
    11 Level Shaman – I can be Healer or DPS if I level this character anytime.

    This means I am very open minded for rerolling to other class what is required for raiding roster. I have experience on every classes, so no worries.

    Thank you for reading my very long application!
    Hopefully I can receive reply/replies from you soon! 🙂

    Best regards,

  • Hi Sejiraz,
    thanks for your application. 🙂 I see you menton your alts and you are willing to change main, dream applicant! _

    I’m afraid though that we do not currently aim to go for Mythic mode. We are a small guild and even though we plan to keep recruitment open I don’t expect we will get the numbers for Mythic.

  • Hey Irya!

    Thanks for reply.

    I can deal with raiding only Normal and Heroic modes. Mythic mode is not a must unless you want to try Mythic on future.
    And yes, I am willing to change main. Depends what you need - I will need to go level / gear up before I can attend to your raid if I get a spot in The Awakening.

    I’ll be waiting for another reply!


    You can catch me ingame right now if needed.
    I am leveling my Warlock for fun. Name is Vegor.

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