Bórómir Blood/Frost DK - Abandoned trial

  • .I have fully read and understood the rules
    .My character’s name is Bórómir a Blood/Frost Death Knight and i play both but mostly blood
    .My favorite things to do in wow is mainly pve, i love raiding especially in a great guild i also love doing m+ outside raiding. i rarely pvp but i do enjoy it sometimes
    .My previus guilds was called The Culling of Arthas and i left cos i wanted to take a break from wow but then they got mad at me for wanting to break so since i didnt feel welcome i wanted to join a new one after my break.
    .I hope to find a friendly and relaxed raiding enviroment while still being able to clear Heroic
    .im am able to join both raid days
    .almost everytime
    .For survivability i want haste and versatility, or haste and crit for dps

  • Hello Bórómir,

    thank you for your interest in joining our guild. Your current haste level seems to be a bit on the low side, but that can be fixed relatively quickly.

    We would like to accept you for trial. Please whisper Irya for an invite.

    See you in /g,

  • @xantyr Awesome yeah recently i just focused on my ilvl so i could get invites but im gonna begin to focus on my stats 😄

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1-2 DPS: mage or warlock

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