Camawruk Guardian Druid - Accepted for trial

  • Application of Camawruk-Draenor Guardian druid (36 year old Belgian guy living in Poland)

    Hello, I red and understood the guild rules . The character i’m applying with is Camawruk-Draenor, a 244 Guardian druid freshly transferred from Turalyon cause of a huge inactivity on previous server.
    What I like the most in WOW is raiding, I can have some periods that I will have some fun in PVP too, and I also appreciate some keys with guildmates and friends, having fun is the priority.
    I started playing WOW at the very beggining and stopped after WOTLK because my family grew and there was no time for playing anymore. I came back in BFA with a fresh account around when Battle for Dazar raid was on.
    Previous guilds Turalyon : Ominous Outlaws : left to try the adventure of having our own guild with some friends
    Abaddon (our own guild) : left because of desertion of the players on that server, transferred to Draenor.
    Previous guild on Draenor : Nightmare : My actual guild. Fell apart in my first week there cause of some drama apparently, but no idea what really happened. recently 4 players stopped playing and 12 players left the guild. Basically the whole raiding team.
    I would like to join your guild cause what i red in the forum post is what i play this game for. Also before applying I talked to Irya and he /she was very cool and polite. Always appreciate that too. Raiding times suit my planning too.

    I am absolutely available on raiding times 20-23 every wednesday and thursday of every week.
    I dont really know what to say about my class and role but I’ll try :
    I am a druid tank so i have to keep the aggro on me and use my defensives on key moments and use Ironfur on cd to make the healers work easier. i can also heal in combat. made my legendary to be quasi invincible on packs and bosses when used (Ursocs fury remembered) works especially when i pair it to Incarnation. My role is to take all the damage and let DPS players kill what I tank facing away from them. I’ll stop here I allready forgot about “briefly” 🙂

    I hope i added all the info you guys need of me. If there is more needed or if there is any question feel free to contact me here or in game.


  • Hello Camawruk,
    thanks for your application!

    I’d like to invite you for trial. Please whisper Xantyr or me for an invite when you are ready.

  • Welcome to the family, we are glad to have you join us.

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Recruitment is open:
1-2 DPS, mage, warlock or monk
and social members!


We are on a raid break until 9.2.

Heroic Raids
Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 ST
Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 ST


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Add Irya#2311 and I’ll give you a hand! 🐼

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