• Wicked-nifty. ;D I’m glad we got him down today. It wouldn’t have felt as earned if we waited for the 5% zone buff.

  • I see Pyro was so happy that he was kissing Kip (front of the screenie). 😄

  • @Irya:

    I see Pyro was so happy that he was kissing Kip (front of the screenie). 😄

    Haha, so I wasn’t the only one who noticed that. :B Before we know it, they’ll end up getting married and have babies and raise them into teenagers who are bitchy and piss them off, which will make Witte suicidal leading to a midlife crisis where he buys a motorbike, crashes it and injures himself. They’ll then divorce due to stress and die lonely and unhappy.


  • Sornara, congratulations, you’re even more twisted than i am :shock:
    Anyway, great job on the kill 🙂 if we didn’t took him down today i’d be rly pissed off XD

  • @Irya:

    I see Pyro was so happy that he was kissing Kip (front of the screenie). 😄

    Irya is so kind-hearted that she sometimes misreads the situation. If you look closely, what is actually happening is that Witte is headbutting Pyro for dying so often. BONK!

    More seriously 🙂 I think that the key to this fight is as many shadow priests as we can ram into the raid, especially if they can be accommodated at close range. There’s a helluva lot of slow, steady raid damage while Bight is down. Our tanks are so awesome that Phase 3 when all the healers are focussed on them is not to bad, but Phases 1 + 2 are constant raid damage incoming. Normaly VE is mostly over-healing, and 2x VE totally wasted, but in this fight, 2x VE (hopefully imp) is going to be massive, because hardly any of it will be overheals.

    I suspect that the VE approach will be useful on Blood Queen Lathaniel as well. That has a raid-wide damage aura iirc.

    😄 😄 😄 Anyways, great kill! Was really proud to be there 😄 😄 😄 6/12 on ICC really, really is a great achievement, and tbh, I look forward a lot to killing Rotface next!

  • Gratz guys 😄


  • Gratz guys!! Good job!

  • hehe tryin to get a smile on witti´s face, hard these days when Pyro has a blink button and strangely easy at dying. therefore i allowed wittie to give pyro a glasow kiss. still hurts.

    Cheers pyro

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